About us

SAGA is a publishing house under the parent company Lindhardt og Ringhof – the second largest publishing house in Denmark and digital market leaders. In Denmark we have been around for many years, and since 2014 we have been rapidly expanding internationally. Today, we have published books in more than 30 different languages and have a great catalogue of best selling authors. Wilbur Smith, Barbara Cartland, and many more, now live under the Lindhardt og Ringhof and SAGA names. The vision of SAGA is to revive great works by great authors to the market by digitizing the written word into digital formats such as eBooks and audiobooks.
Quality is everything to us. For all our publications we care about nerdy things such as search optimized metadata, IDPF validation, accessibility and our setup is based on both in-house and external QA. For our audiobooks we work with a great staff of wonderful speakers, which ensures a seamless experience every time you listen to one of our books. We make sure the covers are always up to date and that our eBooks validate across the widest possible range of devices.

Our mission

Our mission is that no book should be out of print which is why we want to digitize every book ever written. We see digital publishing as an opportunity for authors to republish their works, and to reunite them with their readers and to find new readerships in generations to come. Studies show that people who read are more empathic, because reading enhances the capability of placing one self in other people’s shoes. Reading can be said to shape the world of the reader and most often make it clearer and brighter. In short, books have the power to change the world and make it a better place. At SAGA we wish to set stories free to brighten the world.
As a leading digital publisher in Europe, SAGA has published more than

55 000

audiobooks &

75 000

ebooks around the globe