About us

Saga Egmont is a digital publishing house owned by the Nordic media group, Egmont. Our pedigree is of a traditional publishing house, our expertise has shaped us into digital market leaders. Here at Saga Egmont, we publish over 20.000 titles yearly; split between a versatile fiction and non-fiction catalogue across 30 languages and thousands of retailers worldwide.
Our authors are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves in putting the interests of the authors first. We want their stories heard across the globe. Our promise to authors and translators is that all of their books will be available in digital formats, reaching new readers and generating new revenue. Quality is part of our DNA. We work with the best studios, the best narration talent and a dedicated team of literature zealots here at our Headquarters who are passionate about curating an interesting and dynamic catalogue that can empower the world.
We believe that everything you read changes you a little and thus, we believe stories can change the world.

Our mission

Digitalisation and globalisation are radically changing the publishing industry we know today. At Saga Egmont we focus on what is not changing – that which is constant: people need inspiring and entertaining stories to move the world forward and therefore there will always be readers and listeners. For us, the story stands in the center, not the format. A book is no longer a printed unit alone. A book is, in its essence, a story that comes across just as well, if not better, in new formats such as e-books, audiobooks and podcasts.


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As a leading digital publisher in Europe, SAGA has published more than

55 000

audiobooks &

75 000

ebooks around the globe

Our catalogue

We work with some of the best UK studios, the best American and British narration talent and a dedicated team here in Copenhagen who are passionate about curating an interesting and dynamic English portfolio for Saga Egmont.
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