about us

At our children’s imprint, Saga Kids, we are on a mission to publish children’s books for kids and families throughout the world. We want to publish literature that will reach every child and family, regardless of culture, language, interest, heritage, gender, or family dynamic – our mission is to secure and embrace the global literary heritage of children’s books for all.
Whether it’s fairy tales, exciting mysteries, love stories, adventure, yoga and meditation, sci-fi, superheroes, princesses or non-fiction educational content, we have a book for every child.

We belong to a charitable foundation where bringing children’s stories to life is part of our DNA. As Saga Kids is part of the Egmont Foundation, we reinvest all of our profits into building great media and supporting vulnerable children, young people and families. The foundation has four focus areas: 1) Dyslexia, 2) Children and young people placed in care, 3) Vulnerable families with small children, and 4) A good school start. At Egmont, we have been giving back to society for more than 100 years. Read more about the Egmont foundation here.

we have a story for every child

Our catalogue

Our thousands of audiobooks and e-books are enjoyed on the platforms of all the main international and local digital book providers (streaming and download) such as Audible, Storytel, Spotify, Nextory, BookBeat, Google Play, Kindle Store, and Apple iBooks Store and many more.

Our manifesto

Saga Kids is a global imprint of digital children’s books. Our purpose is to inspire a lifelong love of reading from a very young age and open the world to young readers through literature.
We publish audiobooks and e-books across multiple languages and cultures, and our mission is to spark joy and create a space for imagination, fun, excitement, playful learning and adventures through literature well-suited for kids and families. We curate the best children’s books catalogue that can empower and enlighten all children.
We publish children’s books which are inclusive. We embrace diversity, different cultures, different languages and different realities. We know that every child has its own perspective on life, and we want to make room for all perspectives as equals – across ages, backgrounds and genders.
We think that literature is a great and crucial part of life, and we want all children to be able to access the books of great authors, set in exciting universes. We want to set children’s literature free – we want children’s books to be heard and read across the globe. For us, what makes a great book is great storytelling and what makes a great children’s book is one that is unrestricted by format and accessible to all.
Stories spark your imagination and empower you to become what and who you want to be – a good friend, an adventurer, or a superhero in your own life.